Emails to ~ Tami Bradford
8/20 Greenly KC - Morris (Grateful-Cosmic Red Red Wine) win BOS***8/20 Wachusett KC - Vera (Cosmic JV NoBonz Hush Money) win RWB***8/19 Great Dane Club of Wstrn WA Specialty - Keiffer (Grateful-Cosmic Paint The Town Red @ Wynham) wins WD/BOW for a Major***8/19 Grtr Emporia KC Rumor (Grateful-Cosmic Easterly's Red Carpet Secret) wins a major RWB***8/19 Grtr Hickory KC - Pheobe (Ch Cosmic Maitau's Look at Me Now, AOM) win SEL B***7/31 Providence County KC - VERA (Cosmic JV NoBonz Hush Money) Wins WB/BOS***
Located near Cape Cod Massachusetts,
we are Members of the Great Dane Club of New England and the Great Dane Club of America.
Established in 1989, we continued to Breed and Show Quality Champion Fawn & Brindle & Black Great Danes.
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